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Who I Am

I've always been thrilled by computers. Typing in some code and watching the screen light up just seemed like magic. I learned BASIC when I was about 7, and I’ve just kept exploring.

Last year I researched the best way to learn to code professionally, and I settled upon Treehouse's Full Stack Javascript path. They guide complete beginners to professional level. One of the best parts is that they stress peer reviews. When I've completed a project, one of my peers reviews it and gives me written feedback. Conversely, I give peer reviews to my fellow students as well. This teaches me how to give feedback, and how to read & understand others' code.

Whether I'm debugging someone else's code or solving my own problems, coding is a lot of fun, and I enjoy the challenges it offers. I'm always up to learn a new language or feature.


  • Javascript
    • React
    • NodeJS
  • SQLite/PostreSQL
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Wordpress/Wix
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